What We Offer

Need a garage door repair, because your door:
• Does not open?
• Lifts with difficulty?
• Stops before touching the floor?
• Closes improperly, or not shut tightly on the threshold?

Does your garage door opener:
• Not work at all?
• Activate, or turn off by itself?
• Make unusual and disturbing sounds?

For any of these problems contact JR Garage Door and Services. Several factors explain these problems:
A broken part, misalignment of components, ect. The follow are tasks that we can handle:
• Broken or stretched springs
• Bent or broken rollers
• Bent rails
• Broken or frayed cables
• Safety inspections
• Preventive maintenance or tune ups
• Replacement of damaged door sections or one piece garage doors
• Noisy garage doors
• Garage Door repair and parts
• Same Day tear out and installation
• Free estimates
• Openers Installed and Repaired
• Commercial Doors and Service

Garage and Entry

Garage Door

Entry Door